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Detailed analysis of auto parts knowledge

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We do not need to accurately understand all the parts of a car, but we need to know the main four parts of the car,
That is: ① car engine
; ② car chassis; ③ car body; ④ automotive electrical and electronic equipment.

1, the engine
The engine is the power plant of the automobile, mainly composed of the body, the crank connecting rod mechanism, the air distribution mechanism, the cooling system, the lubrication system, the fuel system and the ignition system (the diesel engine does not have the ignition system).

1) cooling system
Generally by the water tank, water pump, radiator, fan, thermostat, water temperature and discharge switch composition. The car engine uses two cooling methods, namely air cooling and water cooling. General car engines use antifreeze cooling.
2) Lubrication system
Engine lubrication by the oil pump, filter, oil filter, oil, pressure limiting valve, oil table, pressure plug and dipstick and other components.
3) Fuel system
Gasoline engine fuel from the gasoline tank, gasoline table, gasoline pipe, gasoline filter, petrol pump, fuel injector, air filter, into the exhaust manifold and other components.
4) Ignition system
By the ignition power, ignition switch, ignition coil, spark plug, high voltage line composition.
2, car chassis
Car chassis mainly by the drive system, driving system, steering system, brake system.