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Xing Yang Metal Products Co., Ltd was established in 2010, is a production and processing and trade as one of the Industrial Company. Engaged in large machinery, mold steel, automotive hardware mold as the main processing and manufacturing enterprises. The company has nearly 20 sets of large equipment to provide within 6 meters Longmen computer gongs, gantry grinder, fine milling side milling, plane milling, package package materials full set of processing services.
In the mechanical plate, large castings, welding parts, automotive hardware mold, surface treatment, precision parts, and so has a wealth of processing experience.

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The auto parts market needs channel integration


Recently, Aston Martin in the global scope of a large-scale recall operations, involving the problem car 17590. According to the survey released by Aston Martin

The reason why the metal inserts are to be heat treated


The inserts are molded with metal inserts to improve the workability of plastic products and to increase the use of plastic products (such as improving conductivity or facilitating connection to other parts).

Detailed analysis of auto parts knowledge


It is estimated that the general car from about more than 10,000 non-dismantable independent components assembled. The structure of extremely complex special cars

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