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About to be listed on those packages

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The 2016 season, SRAM sponsored the Katyusha and AG2R two-day tour team. The two teams used eTap radio transforms in the previous round of the ring race.

Disc brakes in the 2016 season will be allowed for the professional stadium, in the previous article Xiaobian also talked about the SRAM manager admitted that the hydraulic radio is in development, but the specific situation the company has not yet open.

At present the only visible FSA electric change is still maintained in the last year's Tour de France, 2015 World Champion Hangke driver's car. The Rockets team and the fast track team said the 2016 season FSA package will not appear in their car. FSA only sponsors the bend, put stand, seat, will only appear in the non-Venge VIAS car.

This really makes people question the FSA's electronic speed. If the top professional teams do not use, FSA will make this product on the market? Of course, perhaps not the product itself, to know Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM three suites have hundreds of related patents, which is likely to lead to FSA electric shock listed difficult.