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Cool spare parts

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September 14, 2017, the Seventh Asian Bicycle Exhibition will be held in Nanjing International Expo Center grand opening. Exhibition is not only an array of luxury cars, as well as crystal crystal shiny accessories Oh! Today, let us together to see these cool to the side of the spare parts ~ ~

Audax series titanium alloy frame using double suction pipe, after forming heat treatment to eliminate residual stress. 44mm straight head tube: standard use 1 1/2 'front fork, increase rigidity and cornering stability; also through the appropriate front bowl selection, the use of 1 1/8' front fork; asymmetrical rear fork : The drive side to strengthen the rigid, non-drive side to provide more comfort; after the fork on the shelves reserved for easy long-distance ride to use. In addition to the basic needs of rigidity and stability, the comfort, standard lock-type five-way and the shelf hole settings, are based on the actual long-distance road riding needs to consider the design.

Scandium Alloy Mountain Frame TI630 is made of recyclable metal scandium alloy Scandium, with fine grain, high strength, excellent SPF (high elongation), more corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Kinesis patented technology SPF superplastic heat treatment molding technology can make the final weight lighter, tube shape more dazzling. The appearance of the frame adopts the anode black treatment, the geometric use of 27.5, metal head tube standard, SPF molding, hidden disc brake, 142 * 12 barrels of shaft claws, Kinesis patent only bolt. The whole car alignment design, the appearance of simple.