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Lightweight and comfortable combination of the perfect

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Aspide is San Marco four series of popular head, lightweight + hollow + surface design to meet most of the riding enthusiasts for the requirements of the bicycle cushion. Aspide is not only comfortable, athletic performance is first class. Carbon FX, Racing, Dynamic three versions of the choice also meet the needs of different prices.

Bigger opening

Larger opening for the comfort of the cushion is self-evident, the new Aspide for the hollow opening to do a new design. For the sensitive parts of the full release of pressure and good ventilation can be very intuitive in the ride to feel. The new opening design, more ergonomic, for the release of the pressure is more thorough.


Three versions of Aspide are used with different bottom and track materials, respectively.

Carbon FX version uses DNA carbon fiber track and carbon fiber composite bottom material, weighs only 150 grams.

Racing version uses Xsilite titanium alloy rail and carbon fiber composite bottom material, weighs 180 grams.

Dynamic version uses Manganese manganese alloy rail and glass fiber composite bottom material, weighs 215 grams.

Whether it is the top Carbon FX version or entry Dynamic version has a good price in the corresponding weight performance.

Greater width

According to the physiological characteristics of Asians and the actual needs of the main sales in the Chinese market, the use of a 142mm width version. Have better support performance, bring a better comfort experience.