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Will copper be the king of the future metal?

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As we all know, copper is often regarded as an indicator of whether the economy is healthy. Historically, when the overall manufacturing and construction activities have shrunk, copper prices have fallen; overall manufacturing and construction activities are in a period of expansion and rising copper prices.

At present, copper prices at $ 3 / lb above, Dr. Copper this year, rose nearly 28%, far more than 2012 to 2016 five-year average.

Australian mining giant BHP Billiton chief business officer arnoud balhuizen interview with the media last month, said the copper is the future of the king of metal.

2017 for the electric car market is a year of innovation, copper will be the future of the king of metal, balhuizen said. He added that the electric car needed four times more than the average car, compared to the average car, taking into account the surge in the demand for pure electric vehicles (bev) in the global market, the current market greatly underestimated the potential of copper.