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Automotive engineering plastics will replace more metal parts

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Chery Land Rover Range Rover Aurora, SUV lightweight design is better models, it is considered in the same level SUV light, and many of its components are used engineering plastics. "March 3, China Engineering Plastics Industry Association Secretary-General Zheng Kai said in an interview, Land Rover Range Rover Aurora in the manufacture of a series of high-level lightweight materials, such as PA / PPO alloy used in the front fender, PC / PBT alloy for pedestrian protection of energy absorption block, and long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene used in the dashboard and inner door module, so that its weight less than 1.6 tons, lighter than the Range Rover version of 35%, carbon dioxide emissions less than 130 G / km.

Developed countries will use the amount of plastic cars as a measure of automobile design and manufacturing level of an important indicator, the current German car consumption of the largest, accounting for more than 15% of vehicle materials. In addition to the British Land Rover, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz SLR, BMW i series and many other models to adopt a more extensive range of automotive engineering plastics. And even some experts predict that the future of innovative applications of new materials may subvert the traditional car.

Haze, energy saving and more stringent fuel consumption regulations, domestic car companies are sparing no effort to develop automotive lightweight technology. As we all know, the car lightweight is mainly reflected in the automotive optimization design, alloy materials and non-metallic materials applications, followed by the weight loss of the car 10% to 15%, 30% to 40%, 45% to 55%. Zheng Kai told reporters that engineering plastics and other non-metallic materials, "weight loss" effect is obvious, its main role in the car is to make the car lightweight. At present, more and more auto parts began to use engineering plastics instead of metal parts.