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The future can be precious metals on the road

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May 17, organized by the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Gold and Silver Branch, Chenzhou City, the precious silver industry co., Ltd., Beijing Antaike Information Co., Ltd. hosted the 2017 (eleventh) China precious metals annual meeting in Hunan Province Chenzhou City held. Vice President of China National Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Wang Jian, Vice Mayor of Chenzhou Municipal People's Government, Mr. Cao Yonggui, Chairman of Jinui Silver Industry Co., Ltd., Cao Yongde, President of Jinui Silver Industry Co., Ltd. attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Domestic and foreign precious metals industry-related enterprises and scientific research institutions more than 500 representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Hu Deyong, Deputy Secretary-General of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and Director of Rare Earths.

Wang Jian in a detailed analysis of the development of precious metals industry at home and abroad, he said that since the outbreak of the international financial crisis in 2008, after nearly 10 years of difficult adjustment, the current world economy has emerged signs of recovery, with the global structure The gradual improvement of external demand, the global economic recovery momentum enhanced, not only developed economies into the path of rapid economic growth, emerging economies are also accelerating recovery.

Wang Jian pointed out that the first quarter of China gdp grew 6.9%, the growth rate over the same period last year increased by 0.2 percentage points, compared with the fourth quarter of last year increased by 0.1 percentage points, to achieve a good start. This shows that China's economic development continues to maintain a positive and positive momentum. This year, the non-ferrous metal industry in the supply side of the structural reform, driven by the industry showed the growth of production, price increases, the benefits to the good situation. Its main performance: in the first quarter, China's 10 kinds of non-ferrous metal production was 13.49 million tons, an increase of 9%. 8112 above the scale of non-ferrous metal enterprises operating income of 1436.9 billion yuan, an increase of 19.6%. The total import and export trade of nonferrous metals (including gold jewelry and parts trade) was US $ 29.47 billion, up by 11.8% year on year. The total investment in fixed assets of the national nonferrous metals industry was 82.4 billion yuan.

In 2016, the national gold production of 110.3 tons, down 3.6%. Silver production 23706.9 tons, an increase of 9.6%. The first quarter of this year, the national gold production grew 3.9%, silver production grew 8.8%. In 2016, China's precious metal mining industry, the main business income grew 14.1%, profit up 24.8%; smelting industry, main business income grew 6%, profit rose 4.7%; rolling processing industry, main business income fell 1.4 %, Profit rose 2.7% year on year.

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