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The reason why the metal inserts are to be heat treated

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The inserts are molded with metal inserts to improve the workability of plastic products and to increase the use of plastic products (such as improving conductivity or facilitating connection to other parts).

Due to the large difference in the thermal and shrinkage of the metal insert and the plastic, the temperature of the melt injected into the mold cavity is very fast at the temperature around the metal insert, causing stress to the surrounding plastic, When there will be cracks, so that the two pieces of the connection to reduce the firmness.

In order to adjust the temperature of the metal insert and the temperature of the plastic injection tends to approach and reduce the temperature difference between the two mosaic, the inserts must be heated and heated before the molding of the melt, the heating temperature is generally above 110 ℃, for smaller diameter Of the metal insert, the injection of the melt temperature will soon be heated, it is generally not required to preheat treatment.