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Rainy day mirror can not see the treatment method

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Rainy weather not only to our daily life to bring a lot of inconvenience, but also to us to drive a lot of inconvenience. Rainy day we often find the left and right rear view mirror to cover the water can not be clearly visible left and right side of the car, to the traffic to bring some security risks.
    The driver in the rain to see the situation in the rearview mirror, line of sight need to cross the side window glass, rearview mirror. Line of sight after a multi-layer barrier plus rain, to see the rearview mirror objects are basically impossible task. So how do we lower the rearview mirror, as well as the side of the window on the rain? The following 4 points can share:
    1 Turn on the rearview mirror heating function
    For the rearview mirror on the rainwater heating function This function is relatively straightforward, electric heated mirrors are embedded in the lens after the heating wire heating, the mirror temperature will gradually rise to above 40 ℃ to accelerate the evaporation of the mirror water vapor to ensure The lens is clear. But this is only for the rearview mirror to keep clear, for the side of the glass on the water is no way. In addition, not all cars are equipped with this feature, the installation is still too much trouble, so if you use it, it is best to buy a car before considering this configuration.

    2 install rain gear
    Rain gear
    To the rearview mirror plus rain block, the rain gear suitable for the rain is not very large time to use, but the rain is very large, its role will be greatly weakened, only to ensure that one-third of the rearview mirror is clear The Of course, the side of the window to install the same rain can block the water on the window, the overall stay mirror and side glass clear. This method of installation is more convenient and the price is longer and longer, that is, when the high speed rain gear will increase the wind dry.

    3 Tu flooding agent
    To the rearview mirror can also be placed to maintain a clear view of the rearview mirror, the market has a lot of glass flooding agent is the main component of silicone oil, by changing the water on the glass surface tension to achieve the rear mirror mirror surface water The After the use of flooding on the glass stained with rain, the small water droplets will form a round of water droplets, a little jitter or wind or water droplets can be separated from the rearview mirror. The use of flooding agent can not only be used in the rearview mirror, you can also use the side glass, be a low cost and easy to use a way. But the durability is relatively poor year or months will be re-coated with a flooding agent.

    4 DIY use soap or detergent
    Wipe the soap (cleanser) with a clean damp cloth and then apply the soap to the damp cloth evenly on the rearview mirror. Wait 3 to 4 minutes, so the rear side of the mirror after the soap (detergent) dry, with a paper towel to wipe it. This practice is somewhat similar to the flooding agent principle, except that this timeliness and effect are worse, and of course these materials will be easier and less costly. Occasionally with a can also be used for a long time it is quite inconvenient.

    The above four methods to a certain extent, to solve the trouble of the rearview mirror water, but even if the effect of no matter how good that certainly can not be completely compared with the sunny situation. So, when it rains, we drive or travel to be more careful. Especially the car is not very good or novice drivers, when the rainfall is large can stop in a reliable place to avoid a safe driving the most important.