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Do you know the longest life of a car spare tire?

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Burst of tire owners will find a phenomenon: car spare tire smaller than the normal tires, and most of the bright colors, why do this? People are also fetal tires, the main purpose is to remind the owners to replace spare tire in time. It is said that the tire is smaller than the normal tire, has gradually become a development trend of the car, the reasons for the following two points:
1, through this strong contrast, to promote the spare tire for the owner as soon as possible to spare tire for the normal tire;

2, save the compartment space and reduce the weight.
Spare tire is not only more delicate than the normal tires, the use of more need to care, take a look at how to care for spare tire it.
1, spare tire up to 4 years
Many owners think that spare tire on the trunk, as long as no, you can "spare tire to the old", the fact is really the case? Some are not concerned about the car spare tire of the bones, often found in the tire after the tire has been seriously aging, can not be used. Xiaobian said that the spare tire is rubber products, long time storage will occur aging, spare tire aging cycle is generally 4 years, so it is recommended that you replace the spare tire every four years.
2, spare tire need regular testing

Routine maintenance, many maintenance shops will ignore the maintenance of motor spare tire; some owners in the long-distance travel before, and rarely to check the spare tire, this differentiated treatment, so spare tire is wronged. Xiao Bian pointed out that regardless of daily maintenance, or long-distance travel, need to spare tire to be a "big health care", the main test items are normal fetal pressure, sidewall is a small crack, if the sidewall cracks, Run long distance.
3, car spare tire can not drive at high speed
In contrast, spare tire is more proud than normal tires, need more care. Put on spare tire, the proposed speed should not exceed 80km / h, so as to avoid a series of accidents.

4, to prevent the spare tire was oil "wiping"
The main component of the car spare tire is rubber, rubber, the most taboo oil erosion, even if the oil, will lead to spare tire "pregnancy" (swelling). So, once found the spare tire stained with oil, be sure to use a neutral detergent as soon as possible to clean the oil.
5, spare tire should not be long-term occupation of the palace
Spare tire is not only petite, and because the use of low frequency, flat rate, tire width and so are different from the normal tire, replace the spare tire, the four tires have different friction coefficient, the ground adhesion is different, long time use, will affect the vehicle Of the braking system.