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Simple and practical maintenance techniques

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The car every day in different traffic on the road, will inevitably be damaged. But sometimes the vehicle in the driving, before the village can not shop how to do it so the owner of the daily need to learn the simple maintenance skills under the emergency use.
If the owner of the water tank if there is water leakage phenomenon, first to the repair shop to check, replace the new water tank, if the water leakage situation still exists, then this time the owner should consider the following four: First, check the tank cover has been fastened; Quality problems; Third, try to fill into the water tank, see the water tank when the water pressure from which the location of seepage, and then decided to repair the program; Fourth, unscrew the engine plus oil cover to see the presence of oil , If any, open the engine to replace the cylinder pad.

In the process of driving, if the car water tank rubber pipe joints leaking, the owner can use a screwdriver in the rubber hose connector clip in the rubber pipe joints wrapped around two, and then tightened with pliers. Such as rubber tube damage, available tape to rupture of the Department of tight packing, temporary use. After the use of the vehicle, please go to the repair shop to replace the new rubber hose connector.
In addition, if the car in the process of driving, due to car vibration or vehicle accidents, resulting in water tank rupture leakage, it is necessary to take specific measures: the water leakage does not exceed 1mm cracks or 2mm hole, the water tank to join A bottle of water tank strong plugging agent, launched the car running. Can also use the sealing agent, if not carrying leakage agent, the individual heat pipe slightly leaking, can be temporarily with a separate cigarette into the water tank, the use of water circulation pressure, so that the plug in the heat pipe leakage, temporary use.

The above simple maintenance method can only be emergency, and can not really solve the problem. Owners in their own solution, after the vehicle must be in time to the maintenance shop in time to repair, in order to ensure the safe use of vehicles.