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How to maintain the five parts

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Paint protection base painting

Winter, morning dew a lot of water, the car surface is very wet, if the car surface has obvious scratches, paint should be done, so as not to scratches the site of moisture and corrosion.

Tire maintenance to avoid accidents

The role of the tire is very large, the normal driving can not leave the tire, so the tire must be maintained. Winter, the temperature is relatively low, the tire to add air pressure to keep it in the specified pressure range, at the same time, should also check whether the tire scratches, because the rubber tires in the autumn and winter is easy to harden and more brittle, tire easy to leak Gas, and even Zhan Tire, in addition, should always clean up the inclusions within the tire.

Engine compartment maintenance escort trip

After maintenance of the paint and tires, do not forget the maintenance of the engine compartment Oh, should always check the engine compartment of the oil, brake oil and antifreeze, to see if the oil is sufficient, whether the deterioration, whether to the replacement cycle, the oil Liquid like a car's blood, to the replacement cycle, must be replaced to ensure that the oil circulation of the smooth.

Brake system

Owners friends, do you know? Brake system should also check, to always check whether the brake weak, deviation, brake pedal pedaling force has changed, if necessary, clean up the entire brake system part of the pipeline.

Defrost outlet

Winter, the temperature is low, there will be frost, the owners of friends to pay attention to the defrost outlet, check the defrost outlet outlet is normal, whether the heat to achieve the standard defrost, if there is a problem, to be resolved in time , Will bring driving safety factors.

In the winter, car care to pay special attention to the car has a lot of parts, if the problem, we must promptly repair, so as to avoid adverse consequences, hurt the car. Xiaobian hope that everyone in the usual pay more attention to the maintenance of the major parts of the car. Above the five parts of the conservation methods, we remember it? Remember to go and act!