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Parts aftermarket market concentration is too low

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"China's auto parts aftermarket market is the biggest problem is too low concentration, the channel is too scattered." Hui Men Group, general manager of China after-sales business Chen Weichun in an interview with reporters that in the aftermarket, with a seller's market coverage Too low. A manufacturer may need to face 1000 customers, difficult to cope with. Followed by fake too much.

Hui-door group of this experience should be a certain representative. As an early involvement in China's auto parts market after the multinational companies, Hui-chan's brand-name brand maintenance products, Fei Luoduo brand brake system products have been in the Chinese market has a high visibility. The Shanghai International Auto Parts Exhibition, Hui Men announced in 2014 will be launched for the mid-market new brand Wagner, and constantly expand the product line.

Hui Men Group, general manager of China after-sales business Chen Wei-chun

Chen Weichun said that in the aftermarket, Hui Men is from the product suppliers to service providers to develop, and strive to do consultative sales, system suppliers and target market leader. In the future, Hui Men will be tailored for Chinese consumers to provide full-service support to new channels and new services to strengthen the terminal services.

In the face of low market concentration problems, the integration of the aftermarket market is very important. The current authorized store is still the focus of auto parts business after-sales business channels. To the door of the Philippine Froude brakes, for example, there are already more than 100 authorized stores, will continue to add more stores. "But in the future we will be appropriate to slow down, so that the existing store staff can be better training." Chen Huanchun said.

In addition to the traditional channels of the store, the bright door is also actively deploying digital platform, the first quarter of next year will be officially opened in the days of the cat and the Philippo brand after-sales product network shop. This is bound to conflict with the traditional channels. Chen Huanchun pointed out: "There are two main aspects of the conflict, one is the price, the second is the market.Fingmen will take effective measures to avoid price conflicts, while effective market segmentation.

Chen Huanchun that: "auto parts sales business is the trend, but online sales will not completely eliminate line channels. As manufacturers we are actively following this trend, and online and offline integration, the line of sales and offline The combination of services. "