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The auto parts market needs channel integration

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Recently, Aston Martin in the global scope of a large-scale recall operations, involving the problem car 17590. According to the survey released by Aston Martin, the main reason for the quality defects of these vehicles is that their parts suppliers from China use counterfeit plastic materials, resulting in defective parts. Which led to the aftermarket accessories market in the automobile market also set off waves. What is the actual situation? Reporters in Xi'an aftermarket to do a survey.
     Everything is done by the interests of the trouble
     "The more well-known brands, fake more." In Xi'an, a auto market, an unnamed brand of a dealer said Zhang said. He sells the product, not all are genuine, because the fake profits are much higher than genuine. To Bosch's spark plug, for example, a Bosch genuine platinum spark plug, light cost price on the need for 40 yuan -50 yuan, the agent added the middle of the profits sold to repair shop, the cost of repair shop will be 50 yuan -60 yuan, Even if the repair shop to sell 80 yuan, profits, but also between 20-30 yuan, the profit is not high
     On the contrary, if you sell a fake Bosch platinum spark plug, the cost is only 5 yuan -6 yuan, brokers to more than 20 yuan price sold to the repair shop, repair shop price of 60 yuan, although from the consumer point of view, pay The price is lower, but both the middleman or repair shop, profits are higher than selling genuine goods.
     Agency system to promote the deformity of the market
     "Keen to sell fake, the key lies in the current agency mechanism is too complex, layers of fare increases, to fake to create a living space." A car repair shop owner, but also an oil brand agent Mr. Song said.
     Generally a foreign parts company, in the country will set up a general agent, an agent, two agents. Xi'an, a repair shop to buy a factory in Wuxi, the production of spare parts, for example, the general manufacturers in Wuxi will have an agent in Shaanxi, an agent from Jiangsu and then sold to the two agents in Xi'an, Suzhou, two agents And then sold to the city of Shaanxi Province, the three agents, and then sold to the auto parts company, and then sold to the repair station, and then to a repair shop. Layers of price increases, and ultimately to the price of repair shops, are generally higher than the 4S shop, which makes if the repair shop to sell genuine, simply unprofitable. In the end, the repair shop chose to either sell fake goods, or sell a little real goods, and then sell a little fake.
     Parts market needs "predators"
     In order to prevent dealers to sell fake, parts manufacturers also want a variety of ways. Before, SKF, Bosch and other foreign-funded enterprises, but also set up a special anti-counterfeiting alliance, we joint fake, dilute the cost of fake, but ultimately nothing else. Because there are markets, but also to many domestic manufacturers at the beginning of the founder, through the counterfeit famous brand approach to take "shortcut" started. Usually these "cottage version" of the fake and shoddy products can reach the production cost of 300% or even higher sales profits, so that many small companies never tired.
     "In order to eliminate fakes from the source, we focus this year on the reform channel, so that the channel is more flat, while strengthening the management of the dealer." Philips said a sales manager. And Bosch, a sales person in charge, they also specifically with a company specializing in anti-counterfeiting companies to use their latest security standard, through the "security code" to prevent fraud. At the same time, the system can also provide product tracking, supply chain management to provide an effective way to prevent dealers FALSIFYING.
     However, the parts manufacturers crackdown is difficult, the most critical reason is that many parts of China's sales channels, China has more than 100,000 industrial and commercial registration of retailers or wholesalers, more than 15,000 4S shop, about 100,000 independent Repair shop, about 10,000 professional tire dealers, more than 97,000 gas stations. "Crack the process will be accompanied by channel changes can be achieved." Chery Automobile Shaanxi Yao Tai 4S shop in charge of the Deputy General Manager of the sale of snow that only channels slowly integrated large-scale channel brand appears to change this situation. Such as the emergence of specialized sales of parts, "the United States", "Suning" and "keep worrying network" like Jingdong Mall like electricity providers, but this will be a longer process.